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The 5 drivers of client centricity: a blueprint for the NFP sector

Five drivers of client centricity

The not-for-profit (NFP) sector is experiencing change at a rate that is equal to, or faster than, many other sectors of the economy. One of the many areas of change relates to funding and personalisation of services. Clients of NFP organisations now have more choice and empowerment than ever before.

To survive and prosper in this environment, NFP organisations must be client centric – putting clients at the centre of their thinking, planning and decision making. This is easy to say, but there are many practical challenges to making it happen.

Our latest research paper The 5 drivers of client centricity highlights five drivers for building and sustaining a client centric organisation, and shares practical ideas to be more responsive to the needs and expectations of clients. It follows our earlier NFP research into the importance of embedding a strong identity and purpose to survive and prosper, Mission and Market.

Our research of the NFP sector was drawn from an online poll with 56 executives from leading NFP organisations and our significant NFP experience. This led to a framework of five drivers that aims to measure and improve client centricity.

Download our research paper below!

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