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Customer Experience

Customer-centric, always

Offering an exceptional customer experience (CX) requires a much deeper understanding of your customer’s experience at every interaction they have with you. Most try to do this from their own perspective but the interactions must be understood and analysed from the customer’s perspective. Insync can help provide you with this fresh perspective.

Our customer, client, member, stakeholder and patient experience surveys, tools and frameworks make it easy for your organisation to become more customer-centric. This will drive improved customer outcomes and therefore performance improvements.

Insync’s expert CX team provide you with personalised analysis of the data, ongoing support through your customer experience journey, and actionable insights and strategies so you can attract, delight and retain your best customers.

We then suggest that you go beyond simply measuring CX and embed customer centricity into their organisational DNA so that it becomes business as usual. We look forward to partnering with you on this important journey.

Voice of the Customer

To become truly customer-centric, organisations require a well designed, evidence based Voice of the Customer (VOC) feedback program that drives accountability for key business outcomes.

Customer journey mapping

Our Customer Journey Mapping (CJM) strategies can help you structure various touch points in order to optimise the customer’s experience and positively influence the decision-making process.

Customer value proposition

Better define your competitive advantage by developing a best-in-class CVP. Our proven CVP framework will make your brand stand out and ensure your organisation rallies around a common purpose.


Net Promoter Score

Understand your organisation’s level of customer advocacy with one simple question – how likely are you to recommend us to others?

Used wisely, NPS can be a fantastic KPI providing a business health score that is easily understood, able to be benchmarked and adaptable for a variety of products/services and customer segments.

Patient experience

Your healthcare organisation is a busy workplace that often feels under-resourced yet is very focused on meeting patient needs.

Get support to manage patient feedback and drive improvements in patient safety, quality and care with our world class Press Ganey solutions.

Member experience

If a primary focus of your organisation is to win and keep members, exceeding member expectations is fundamental. To be successful, your organisation needs to be member driven and must understand your members’ needs.

What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync has worked closely with our organisation for many years, and created bespoke research solutions based on our needs and intended outcomes. Their team is always helpful and responsive.
Amie Higgs

Head of Customer Experience and CRM
YMCA Victoria

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