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Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Attraction

Bring talented humans to your organisation with your employer brand and delight them with a helpful and inspiring onboarding experience.

A compelling Employee Value Proposition (EVP) will answer the employee question “what’s in it for me?” and help you define who you are as an employer and what you offer employees.

And gathering entry feedback will help you understand and measure how well you attract, recruit and onboard new employees

Create a Compelling EVP

Encouraging your people to feel part of something bigger than themselves helps to give them purpose in their work (which we know is crucial to high performing teams).

Our proven methodology and team of experts will help you define and refine your EVP, giving your team something to stand for and will help align them to your strategic goals.

Part of our tried and tested framework includes gathering input and intel from your employees about your perceived employer brand, and then turn that into your compelling EVP.

By distinguishing yourself in the market with a compelling brand story, not only will you get greater employee engagement but you’ll also attract new employees that align with your company culture.

EVP Development Framework

We recommend a five step cycle for articulating and implementing a great EVP. These steps don’t necessarily have a specific start or end point – jump in where you think your organisation is up to.

Insync EVP 5 step cycle

You can read more about creating or refreshing your EVP with our how-to guide How to create a compelling EVP.

Ensure Your New Employees are on Board

First impressions count. A seriously underrated element of the employee experience is smooth onboarding.

We’ll help you understand how well your onboarding processes meet the expectations of your new employees, and then give you strategies to improve it.

Our Entry Survey allows organisations to check how well they deliver against promises to new employees. By gaining an early indication of engagement levels, strategies can be implemented to address issues and concerns.

Conducting an Entry Survey has many benefits, including:

  • cost savings by reducing staff turnover and increasing training effectiveness
  • helps HR streamline recruitment to fill vacancies more quickly in the future
  • using a third party encourages honest employee feedback, allowing you to act confidently on the survey results
  • results by important segments within your organisation, like departmental or location, allow management to tailor improvement strategies and investments to unique needs

Create a More Robust Business with Insync

At Insync, we are committed to the best business practices for you, your staff and customers. We have a holistic range of services, including the complimentary customer value proposition to help see the world through your customers’ eyes. The Insync 360° tool is another method of business improvement, helping to identify strengths & areas of improvement for leaders and staff. We also organise employee focus groups; practical workshops that foster brainstorming and collaboration to then identify initiatives for the benefit of your employees and business.

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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync provide an excellent product, with great support. They provide great insight into our organisation, and assist us in interpreting our results. Nothing is too much trouble.
Peta Clark

General Manager, Corporate Services
Centacare Ballarat

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