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How to get your board skills matrix right

Board Skills Matrix – How to get it right

Watch Nicholas Barnett, Executive Chairman of Insync, Board Benchmarking and Board Surveys, and our expert panel as we delve into the crucial role of the Board Skills Matrix in the director selection process, in our webinar recording with BoardPro.

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Discover the benefits of maintaining an up-to-date matrix to ensure you select the most suitable directors and avoid common pitfalls that could lead to costly mistakes.

Learn how to refine your approach by incorporating business acumen and strategic insight into your board’s composition. Moreover, Nicholas and the panel will illuminate the increasing significance of behavioural traits in today’s board dynamics.

Expert panel members:


All participants who registered to attend BoardPro’s webinar, How to Get Your Board Skills Matrix Right, were invited to complete our Board and Director’s Skills Matrix Survey. Over 100 people completed the survey, and the results were presented at the webinar on 18 April 2024. Survey participants came from organisations of different industries, sectors, and sizes. This report provides more detail about the survey responses received while protecting respondents’ anonymity.

Click here to download the Board and Director Skills Matrix report.

Furthermore, participants raised questions in the webinar. Click here to read Nick Barnett’s written responses.

Key Contact

Nicholas Barnett

Executive Chairman

Nicholas is a business leader and visionary with over three decades experience in the corporate sector serving in a range of roles including director, consultant and chairman of both large and medium sized companies, national and international. He is executive chairman of Insync, Board Benchmarking and Board Surveys, a former partner of KPMG, a former chairman of Ansvar Insurance, First Samuel and Ambit Group and a former director of Mission Australia.

Dr. Susan Mravlek

Principal - Board and Governance

Dr. Susan Mravlek’s expertise is in deep qualitative research that enables a macro view of board processes to help identify existing and potential polarities. Her experience has primarily focused on boards and top teams across many sectors to improve behaviours and dynamics, and help restore organisational cohesion.

Susan holds a PhD degree in Business from the University of Tasmania and a Master of Applied Science degree in Organisational Dynamics from the RMIT University, Melbourne. She has spent the last 10 years studying the impact of disruptive events on organisational culture and how maladaptive systems and social unrest affect organisational dynamics including performance and behaviours.

Susan’s main objective is to help boards and top teams accomplish their organisational aspirations.

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