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Improving the experience of your people

Cenitex, an information and communications technology (ICT) service provider and the trusted IT partner for the Victorian Government, has worked with Insync over the past eight years to drive measurable improvements in employee experience.

Insync has supported Cenitex with data collection, analysis, and roadmap suggestions for key themes and opportunities for improvement. Cenitex employee engagement is at the highest in its history, with significant enhancements in all aspects of the employee experience.

In our most recent case study, we delve into our 5 key recommendations provided to Cenitex and the subsequent actions they implemented to drive successful outcomes.

5 key recommendations

  1. Invest in individual growth and development
  2. Provide performance feedback and recognition
  3. Focus on customer and innovation culture
  4. Proactive talent management
  5. Upilift leadership capability

Read the case study below to learn how Cenitex transformed the experience of its people in these 5 areas.

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