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Leadership team effectiveness survey

If a leadership team increases its performance, it will almost certainly lead to an increase in the performance of their organisation. Accordingly it is worth investing heavily in the learning, growth and development of individual leadership team members and the growth and development of them as a team.

In our experience many leadership team members focus well on their own area of responsibility (e.g. sales, IT or finance) but are often not sufficiently of one mind with other leadership team members in terms of communicating and driving the execution of strategy and dealing with the organisation’s major challenges.

Good leadership team members will consider their collective success as more important than their own or only the board’s.

A simple, unobtrusive approach

Our Leadership Team Effectiveness Survey uses a special online data collection technology that has been designed to be unobtrusive and to be completed in one web based survey by each participant over the web in less than 30 minutes.

The survey can also be completed by directors and selected direct reports in addition to each leadership team member. This will be of significant additional benefit to each leadership team member.

Individual reports as well as a group report

Individual reports show each person’s rating of themselves as well as the rating of each person by others. It also shows how the rating of each person by others is compared to the rating by others of all leadership team members. This perspective highlights the perceptions of the individual’s relative strengths compared to other members of the leadership team.

The written comments add context and further insights to the numerical data included in each report.

A separate group report shows the average results for the team as a whole, which identifies those issues that the leadership team excels at overall and those issues where it can most improve.

Debrief of results and Facilitated Leadership Team Workshops

Much of the value of the process is derived from the feedback process where individuals are encouraged to determine what the ratings and comments of peers are saying to them in terms of their main strengths and where their contribution to the leadership team can be enhanced. The process includes matching up their views with the views of an expert facilitator and helping them develop a plan to enhance their performance.

We also facilitate numerous leadership team workshops, including off the back of a Leadership Team Effectiveness Survey. Workshops are used to help teams set their strategy and priorities for the coming year, to achieve certain objectives such as accelerating their effectiveness, dealing with unacceptable behaviours and having other hard conversations.

We understand corporate structure, compliance, productivity, and all the mechanics of a working business or institution. Our expertise span board workshops, board skills workshops and a range of other surveys and initiatives.

Our Leadership Team Effectiveness Framework

Our Leadership Team Effectiveness Survey uses the following framework:

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What our clients say

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Insync Testimonial
I have commissioned Insync to undertake various assignments with several companies and have been very satisfied with the depth of subject matter knowledge, the process applied and the insights provided in reports. I would have no hesitation in recommending Insync to other organisations for the services the group offers clients.
Robert McEniry

Automotive Holdings Group

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