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Patient Experience

Delivering safe, high-quality, patient-centred care requires continuously evolving practices and processes to meet patient needs. Insync helps healthcare organisations transform their patient experience with various tools and solutions.

For GPs, Insync has a leading-edge patient feedback framework for practice accreditation.

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Our simple and cost-effective solutions for supporting safe, high quality and patient-centred care in healthcare organisations include:

  • Inpatient, Day Surgery, Emergency Department and Outpatient experience feedback, measurement and improvement
  • Employee experience improvement frameworks and consulting
  • Entry and Exit surveys and consulting
  • Aged Care resident experience improvement frameworks in line with the new Aged Care Quality Standards

At Insync, we help organisations do their best for their patients & customers through a wide array of mechanisms including our voice of the customer initiative and customer experience solutions. Contact us today to learn more about our patient centred surveys & solutions, or read on below.

How we can help transform patient experience

Patient experience solutions

Our Patient Experience solutions gather comprehensive patient feedback to understand preferences, prioritise opportunities to reduce suffering and turn insights into action with best practices and expert support.

Patient feedback for GP accreditation

Our Voice of the Patient survey is a simple way to collect patient feedback for your practice accreditation.

Learn more about our process and place an order online.

COVID-19 solutions

We have a unique opportunity to learn from the lived experience of the people most affected by the COVID-19 crisis – patients and healthcare workers.

Our “In-Touch” healthcare worker wellbeing pulse survey empowers healthcare workers to be honest and candid about how they are feeling in the current environment.

What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync provides a high level of service and an excellent real time tool that enables immediate and positive action to a person's feedback. Their guidance and research experience ensures the tool works for you.
Karen Coleman

Director, Marketing & Communications
The Selwyn Foundation

Patient Experience insights

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