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Patient Experience Week

Patient experience is fundamentally about how we deliver safe, high-quality care in an environment of patient-centeredness. It is not about making people happy or satisfied, that’s simply customer service, a small, expected component of the experience.

Patient Experience is much more, and defined as having 5 contributing components: 

  • The safe clinical care of the patient;
  • The operations of the organisation that ensure staffing is adequate, sufficiently trained and resourced to get the job done;
  • The culture of the organisation that encourages value for patients, open and transparent communication and collaboration;
  • Behaviours of every person that demonstrate the mission, vision and values of the organisation; and
  • The recognition that the patient is at the centre of everything they do.

During National Patient Experience Week (23-29 April 2023), hospitals and healthcare organisations salute the people responsible for providing excellent patient experiences and creating better outcomes for both patients and healthcare organisations. Those people may include doctors, nurses, administrative staff, executive team members, community organisations and even patient family members.

It’s also an important time to acknowledge and showcase the innovative efforts of our clients who integrate their patient, employee and doctor data, with our support, to produce outstanding clinical outcomes, improvements in patient perceptions, staff morale, operational efficiencies and financial performance.

We hope the tactics and strategies highlighted in these case studies will enlighten and motivate individuals in all types of health care organisations. Because good ideas should be recognised and shared. 


Unlocking the potential of virtual health care

The COVID-19 pandemic forced healthcare providers to rapidly adopt telehealth solutions. However, the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) stands out with its innovative COVID@homeplus program. In this case study, we spoke with COVID@homeplus Nursing Director, Trudi Steedman and Nurse Unit Manager, Jane Palfreyman, to learn more about their approach to virtual care and the secrets behind their success.

This case study analyses their best practice strategies for virtual health care success.

Resounding client success – reaching performance levels in the 89th percentile

Avisena engaged Insync in association with Press Ganey to independently validate that their care and services were meeting their mission and were comparing favourably to the best hospitals in the world. The quality and patient experience improvement project at Avisena Women’s and Children’s Hospital has been a resounding success.

This case study analyses their best practice strategies and their resulting outcomes.

Patients care about cleanliness more than ever

Innovative analysis of 350,000 patient comments indicates that whether patients ‘feel’ clean increasingly correlates with how they rate their overall hospital experience. This trend created a new challenge for hospital leaders: How do you address shifting perceptions of cleanliness to meet an even higher standard when you’re already doing all you can to provide a safe and clean environment?

Our Healthcare partner Press Ganey shares how you can address changing patient perceptions of cleanliness

Learn about our data-driven Patient Experience solutions

Insync, in association with Press Ganey, delivers integrated insights and targeted, meaningful action that transform the care experience.

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Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

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