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Safety culture

What’s your view on the term “safety culture”? Do you regard it as a vague and ill-defined concept or do you see it as a powerful enabler and predictor of safety outcomes?

Safety culture describes an organisation’s overall commitment to workplace safety. In our view there’s nothing soft about it. It can be measured. So why do many organisations measure what has happened, such as workplace health and safety incidents, but far fewer measure safety culture?

Insync’s Safety Culture and Engagement Survey has been designed to assist an organisation’s approach to safety. Senior executives and workplace safety officers have a natural tendency to focus on the tangible effects of safety lapses – the safety incidents. This operational approach is proven, logical and important, but it is not the most effective way of predicting how these events may be prevented. It is a little like driving a car with only the rear view mirror to guide you.

Better understand workplace safety culture

Tracking workplace health and safety incidents is essential, but better understanding the safety culture within your organisation provides information you can use to create a culture that will help prevent those incidents from happening.

safety culture graph safety performance incidents

*Source: Business of Safety Survey 2011, conducted by The Safety Institute of Australia and The Australian Institute of Management (Vic/Tas)

By examining workplace health and safety culture, Insync delivers specific, actionable information about the safety culture in different teams and demographics right across your organisation. By improving your safety culture your number of safety incidents will reduce.


Safety culture

See your safety culture through your workforce’s eyes

Insync’s Safety Culture and Engagement Survey provides senior managers with a clear and easy to understand report. It shows the safety culture in each area of your organisation as perceived by your staff. This data is used to help identify problems and tailor solutions in a measured and targeted fashion, as well as understanding your pockets of excellence to be celebrated and emulated across the organisation.

The Safety Culture and Engagement Survey report and subsequent action plans will also provide auditable evidence that your organisation has proactively sought to understand where issues may exist and provide a framework for continuous improvement. This evidence can be vital in the event of a workplace health and safety incident investigation.

Workplace safety factors

The Insync Safety Culture and Engagement Survey framework is primarily measured by four drivers which were identified as having the strongest impact on safety outcomes.

These are:

  • Response to Safety – how well safety risks are identified and addressed
  • Continuous improvement – the level of commitment to best practice and safety evaluation
  • Safety leadership – encouragement from management and behavioural role-modelling
  • Psychological safety – how safe staff feel in their day-to-day roles

Based on research and our employee survey experience, we know there are strong links between engaged workforces and safe workplaces. We have therefore added employee engagement as an additional driver within our framework.

Safety Culture and Engagement Survey structure

The Safety Culture and Engagement Survey, an employee survey, has been designed to be concise and accurate for actionable insights. The survey consists of 34 questions that our own factor analysis has proven to be the closest predictive drivers of workplace safety. We have also included an extra 10 employee engagement factors from our Employee Engagement Survey.

What you can expect

An experienced consultant will work with your organisation from start to finish, providing support and best practice knowledge to ensure your survey is a success. They will personally conduct debriefs and give insights based on their technical and industry experience. Your organisation’s results are presented in a clear and concise report with traffic light colour coding to show clearly which issues are most in need of attention. This gives you an executive snapshot, with detailed underpinning reports, that can move your team from blame storming to brainstorming.

The reports provide a common language, providing facts in clear and understandable terms. This is a great enabler of constructive conversations, that will now be based on facts and statistics, rather than opinion, observations and hearsay. The demographic reporting gives detailed, actionable insights which allow scarce resources to be allocated where they will bring the greatest benefit.

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