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Your step-by-step guide to executing action plans successfully

Your step-by-step guide to executing action plans successfully

When conducting an employee survey, it is important to follow through on promises. Action planning becomes the pivotal third step in this process.

When prioritised and implemented correctly, action planning is a highly effective way of examining your feedback in greater detail to leverage your employees’ voices and identify improvement areas. This guide will explore three strategies to maximise employee buy-in and a step-by-step guide to action planning post-employee survey.

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In essence, action planning is the pivotal bridge that transforms employee feedback into tangible organisational improvements, solidifying the commitment to listen and act upon employees’ valuable insights. We’re here to ease any stress you may feel about the action planning process.

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Tony Matthews

Principal - Government & Utilities

With years of experience in designing, developing and delivering high-quality leadership and professional development programs and activities, Tony has a passion and drive for creating learning organisations and great-performing teams.

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