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Board and Governance

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The bar has never been higher for governance and board effectiveness. Ask us for a board review using a combination of our proven board and governance surveys, tools, frameworks and structured interviews to become an exceptional board and lead with good governance. Our expert team can make it easy for your organisation to extract invaluable data and insights, improve your leadership and culture, and drive organisational excellence.

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Board effectiveness review

Our Board Effectiveness Survey framework forms the foundation for the measurement and improvement of the effectiveness of the board, committees and individual directors.

Director effectiveness review

Our Director Effectiveness Survey framework forms the foundation for increasing the self-awareness and effectiveness of your individual directors.

CEO performance review

A well-designed and facilitated CEO performance review is one of the absolute best investments an organisation can make. Insync can help you.

Leadership team effectiveness survey

Understand the effectiveness of your leadership team and their management styles, and pinpoint key areas for improvement, with our leadership surveys.

Board workshops

Board Workshops are a great way to go deeper on key issues, align on priorities & talk about opportunities & challenges in a less formal environment.

Board skills matrix

Our Board Skills Matrix helps you determine whether you have the right composition of directors on your board, and is the foundation for achieving high performance and effectiveness.

What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
We appointed Insync to undertake Board performance reviews for our listed and unlisted boards. The review process was professional and performed to a high standard. Insync's evidence-based approach, interviews and review process culminated in practical and constructive recommendations. While our boards are already “high performing”, Insync was able to offer wise and practical advice to help us continually improve.
Scott Mahony

Head of Governance

Key Contacts

Nicholas Barnett

Executive Chairman

Nicholas is a business leader and visionary with over three decades experience in the corporate sector serving in a range of roles including director, consultant and chairman of both large and medium sized companies, national and international. He is executive chairman of Insync, Board Benchmarking and Board Surveys, a former partner of KPMG, a former chairman of Ansvar Insurance, First Samuel and Ambit Group and a former director of Mission Australia.

Dr. Susan Mravlek

Principal - Board and Governance

Dr. Susan Mravlek’s expertise is in deep qualitative research that enables a macro view of board processes to help identify existing and potential polarities. Her experience has primarily focused on boards and top teams across many sectors to improve behaviours and dynamics, and help restore organisational cohesion.

Board and Governance insights

Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

Unlock insights into board performance from over 500 board reviews in the first evidence-based Insync and Board Benchmarking report.

Insync disrupts the board review and board survey sector

Insync disrupts the board evaluation and survey sector with transparent pricing, a simplified process, and a best practice framework.

What is a board skills matrix?

Discover what a board skills matrix is and why it's crucial for effective corporate governance. Gain valuable insights for successful board membership.

6 steps to become a high performing board

Vision Super engaged Insync, with Board Benchmarking, to conduct reviews of its board & directors. Vision Super took 6 steps to become high performing.