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Customer Value Proposition

A Customer Value Proposition (CVP) is not your brand name, product offering or a simple marketing statement. Your CVP is your promise to your customers. It is the whole experience you desire to provide and all those other things that you plan to provide your customers to differentiate your offering from your competitors.

Your desired or proposed CVP will often not be the same as your customer’s current perceptions of you based on a combination of everything you offer, how your customer experiences your offering and how they think you are different from your competitors.

From a customer’s perspective, an effective and well implemented CVP answers the question “will your organisation best meet my needs?”

Seeing the world through your customers’ eyes is not easy and requires a significant shift in perspective away from a description of what you think your unique selling point is, e.g. we are the biggest, the cheapest, the fastest, to a description of the value that your customers perceive you deliver to them, e.g. easy to do business with.

Our Customer Value Proposition framework

Get ahead of competitors

Businesses and not for profits are facing an environment of unprecedented change, and technological and business model disruption from new entrants. Few people would argue that survival depends on having a deep understanding of, and quickly responding and adapting to, the changing needs of customers.

In this fast changing world, there are four main questions that boards and executives need to answer:

  • Why should consumers choose us?
  • Will our products and services stand out in a crowded marketplace?
  • How will we differentiate and add extra value?
  • How will our current competitive advantage be sustained?

Go beyond just meeting customer expectations

Defining and delivering a strong CVP will enable your organisation to deliver a customer experience that:

  • Meets their needs
  • Adds value
  • Results in high levels of loyalty and advocacy
  • Gives potential customers a compelling reason to choose you over others
  • Creates a real and sustained competitive advantage

Insync partners with clients to help them understand whether their CVP is being lived out internally and whether customers are experiencing that CVP as planned by using the five step cycle outlined above with online surveys, in-depth phone interviews, customer and stakeholder focus groups, action planning sessions and CVP workshops.

We can help develop voice of the customer frameworks, customer journey mapping, net promoter score consulting, patient surveys, market entry strategies, key customer profiles, customer charters or brand positioning strategies.

What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync has worked closely with our organisation for many years, and created bespoke research solutions based on our needs and intended outcomes. Their team is always helpful and responsive.
Amie Higgs

Head of Customer Experience and CRM
YMCA Victoria

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