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Current opportunities

Senior Business Analyst / Compliance Analyst

6-12 month fixed term – Start Date Jan 2020

We are looking for a Senior Business Analyst / Compliance Analyst Role based in Brisbane or Melbourne. If you are interested or know someone who might be interested, contact Penny at

Key responsibilities:

  • Gather information (from documents, workshops etc.) required to map existing practices
  • Analyse regulatory guidance and develop compliance requirements
  • Compare current practices to regulatory requirements and identify and document gaps
  • Develop audience appropriate reports to communicate to Executives and Operational Management
  • Manage project artefacts
  • Assist in the preparation of Steering Committee updates and papers

Skills & Experience:

  • At least 3 years’ experience in Financial Services or other highly regulated environment in business/compliance analysis
  • Documenting clear processes, workflows and requirements
  • Building and maintaining relationships with key stakeholders
  • Experience in preparing project Decision and Option Papers
  • Demonstrated experience understanding and meeting client expectations

Please email your resume and cover letter to:

Who we are

Our people are key to our business success. Our team comprises of professional from fields of: psychology, business development, HR, marketing, IT and research.

We seek talented and like-minded people who also have a passion for what we do, an enthusiasm for how we do it and an intent to be there to share in Insync’s long term success.

We strive to deliver on our own model of employee engagement by capturing the:

  • Heart – our people are passionate about what they do, take immense pride in our organisation and promote it to their family and friends
  • Head – our teams believe in the importance of contributing to our success and thrive on the exciting challenges work, and
  • Hand – our teams go above and beyond their basic role requirements to share knowledge and experience with their colleagues and clients

We provide a flexible work environment respectful of individual circumstances, training and development in our proven project management methodologies and continuous career development opportunities.

Our values

Our values are our organisation’s way of life. We embrace, enforce and live by them to succeed, to overcome challenges, to drive change and evolve.

Our values are embedded in our organisation’s DNA and make us distinctively Insync.

We value:

  • Forward Thinking: we always look ahead and think creatively with purpose and bravery
  • Partnership: we use a collaborative mindset to underpin all we do with our clients and internally
  • Accountability: we are committed and loyal to our clients and each other
  • Truth: we discover and speak the truth to our clients and each other, with respect and integrity
  • High Performance: we set high expectations for ourselves and others, and are passionate about achieving success

Corporate social responsibility

We’re passionate about giving back to the community and we support many charities and causes that resonate with our people. Read about how we contribute to the community here.

Our methodology

Our Insync employees are trained in project management regardless of their role.

Insync’s project management methodology, “The Method” incorporates several LEAN principles. The Method is one of our core business capabilities so we can deliver on our promises and add value to our clients.

Want to join the team?

For other opportunities, please send your resume and cover letter to: