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360 degree feedback

If your organisation is going through significant change, or you’re thinking about succession planning to build your leadership pipeline, 360 degree feedback can be a powerful tool in your kit.

Our 360 degree feedback survey helps leaders improve self awareness. It compares their own perceptions of their leadership behaviours against those of their manager, peers and/or direct reports.

For some leaders the stark contrast between their self view and the honest evaluation of others can be very confronting. The sensitive nature of the process is the reason why organisations choose to partner with an independent specialist provider, rather than managing 360 feedback themselves.

How 360 degree feedback can transform your leaders

Our 360 degree feedback framework will deliver clear and actionable insights for both your organisation and each individual leader.

For the leader we aim to:

  • facilitate a private and confidential process that respects both the individual and the people they work with
  • provide a clear, easy to read report that highlights the areas where their perception differs from others
  • ensure they have a frank and supportive 360 feedback debriefing that sets them on the path to action

For your organisation we aim to:

  • facilitate a private and confidential process that enhances relationships between your employees and leaders
  • provide a roadmap for communicating and aligning individual behaviours with those encouraged by your organisation
  • quantify individual and collective leadership strengths and development areas to help you target spend, inform your change initiatives and maximise your return on investment


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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync's 360 survey provided great individual feedback to Managers and Leaders in a non confrontational setting, and also provided a landscape for a profile of both our Managers and Leaders.
Jacqueline Cunningham

General Manager Human Resources
Sydney Cricket Ground Trust

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Develop great leaders with 360 feedback

A 360 feedback survey tailored to an organisation's leadership framework helps leaders improve self awareness and drives effective leadership development.

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