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360-degree feedback

Insync’s 360-degree feedback is a powerful tool that empowers your leaders by providing valuable insights for their continued development and ongoing mastery of leadership.

360-degree feedback is commonly used as a part of:

How 360-degree feedback can transform your leaders

When done well, 360-degree feedback is a powerful way of assisting leaders to become more self-aware and helping them to plan more effectively for their own development, based on a realistic understanding of their strengths and development areas.

It can also be an intimidating process and if not handled wisely can be counterproductive.

The sensitive nature of the process is the reason why organisations choose to partner with an independent specialist provider, rather than managing 360-degree feedback themselves.

Insync’s 360-degree feedback solution supports leaders in their journey of being the “best they can be” by building awareness and awareness of the impact they have on others. Our solution will deliver clear and actionable insights for your leaders and organisation.

Why Insync’s 360-degree feedback?

  • Externally facilitated process – we run the process as an external provider, giving your leaders and reviewers the assurance of confidentiality
  • Off the shelf Surveys – for Executive Leaders and Business Leaders (i.e., those responsible for delivering results), with the option of industry benchmarking
  • Customisation – you can customise the survey to map to your capability framework or use our pre-designed items based on the factors most important to leaders in your organisation
  • Flexibility – you can choose whether you want our senior practitioners and business psychologists to debrief your leaders or you can do it internally and we just run the process on your behalf
  • Easy to understand reports – our reports provide both a big picture summary and detail in an easy-to-read format
  • Leadership group reporting – when you run the 360-degree feedback with your leadership team, we can provide a group report comparing your leaders you can identify macro trends for leverage and investment requirements

Insync’s 360-degree feedback will help you to quantify individual and collective leadership strengths and development areas to help you tailor your training and development spend, inform your change initiatives and maximise your return on investment.

Complimentary to the Insync 360-degree feedback tool, we also design and facilitate practical workshops and employee focus groups. Our focus groups stimulate ideation and suggestions from employees to inform decision-making and improve various aspects of workplace culture.

Contact us today to learn more about our 360-degree feedback tool and our various services.

360-degree feedback offering guide

Click below to download our 360-degree feedback offering guide. Alternatively, click here for a video overview.

What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
The 360 degree feedback process that Insync provided to me was perfect. The pre-designed survey questions gave me a great starting point, the process of survey design and testing was easy, and Insync coordinated all communication with the survey participants. The report they provided my team members with has been of immense value in planning their professional (and even personal) development. Although some were nervous at first, several staff have spoken to me after their 360 feedback to state how valuable it has been for them. Would happily use Insync again and have recommended them to other colleagues who are looking to maximise their team's collaborative and leadership potential.
Tom Simpson

Executive Director
Tasmanian Health Service

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