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This is what we stand for

We’re proud of our vision, purpose and values.

Vision, purpose and values

Our vision, purpose and values are what we call our Guidance and Positioning Statements (GPS).

They describe:

  • who we are
  • where we’re going and why
  • the values that we abide by, and
  • why we are different.

Our GPS guides all our plans, decisions and messaging and is the foundation for our strategic and business plans.

The core values included in our GPS, are our organisation’s way of life. We embrace, reinforce and live by them to succeed, to overcome challenges, lead change and evolve. Our values form and shape our organisation’s culture and DNA and make us distinctively Insync.

Our vision

Your trusted insights and improvement partner.

Our purpose

We inspire success.

We do this by:

  • Taking the time to understand what success means for you
  • Showing you things you might not see, using our industry experience and proven processes, tools and frameworks
  • Making it worry free for you by managing all the detail, giving you more time to do what you do best
  • Finding and honing actionable insights and prioritising them to provide a roadmap to success
  • Going on the journey with you to help you change, evolve and grow
  • Finding ways to make you more productive and profitable

Our values

  • Forward thinking – we always look ahead and think creatively with purpose and bravery
  • Partnership – we use a collaborative mindset to underpin all we do with our clients and internally
  • Accountability – we are committed and loyal to our clients and each other
  • Truth – we discover and speak the truth to our clients and each other, with respect and integrity
  • High Performance – we set high expectations for ourselves and others, and are passionate about achieving success

Your GPS guide



Nicholas Barnett, our Executive Chairman, wrote a book titled GPS for your Organisation: how to energise your employees and build sustainable high performance®. This book is a practical guide to help company boards, CEOs and leadership teams add clarity and gain ongoing buy-in to their organisation’s long-term direction, purpose and values. It will also add focus and urgency to their strategic and business plans.

How we can help your organisation develop, embed and measure the effectiveness of your GPS

Develop and communicate your mission statement

Insync can assist you develop your mission statement (or GPS) which will include new discoveries and fresh insights by people with an open mind. We will work with you to lead the process to ensure you get those fresh insights and the full benefit from the process.

As Insync helps you keep your group open to new ideas and new ways of expressing complex matters in simple ways, you will see that the benefits are immeasurable. We will help you and your people to develop three mission statements with as few words as practicable that will guide all your organisation’s main plans, decisions, actions and messaging for the next three to five years.

The main inputs to this development stage will often include:

  • Your leadership team’s responses to important questions which reflect the essence of your organisation’s proposed strategic and business plans
  • Surveys of the opinions and views of employees, customers and other stakeholders in relation to strategic issues including what makes the organisation different or special
  • The results of focus groups, brainstorming sessions and other input from representative groups of employees

We recommend involving all employees in at least some of the above activities as this will pay significant dividends through their greater buy-in once your mission statement has been rolled out. All employees should be kept informed of the timetable for the main steps in the process, including where they or their representatives will be involved.

We also recommend doing several drafts of your mission statement, improving and making your drafts briefer and clearer each time. Discussion, debate and continual refinement of your drafts will ensure clarity is achieved.

As your mission statement becomes the foundation stone for your strategic plan and will shape and form your organisation’s culture and DNA and guide all the main actions, decisions and behaviours of all your people, a significant investment of time, money and effort in developing and communicating it will pay dividends for years to come.

Insync can help you design a communication process that could include posters, cards, imagery, video clips and other multimedia. Your organisation’s vision, mission and values can be printed on cards the size of a business card for all staff. The communication process is also likely to include appropriate stories and examples to reinforce parts of your mission statement.

Embed and align your mission statement

The mission statement development and communication process is just the beginning. Insync helps organisations to embed their mission statement into their organisation’s culture and DNA and make it part of its everyday language and thinking to ensure that all plans, projects, decisions, actions, behaviours and messaging are aligned with and easily linked to your mission statement.

This takes a significant effort and commitment from the leadership team. Your mission statement needs to be even more at the top of their minds than for other employees. Once they get in the rhythm, it will become part of the way they think and act and a normal part of their messaging.

We will explain how bringing your mission statement to life may require changes and updates to your organisation’s systems and processes, including your induction, recognition and performance management systems.

Insync encourages employees to speak to customers about their organisation’s mission statement and include appropriate references in proposals, tenders and the like. Some organisations list their Core Values on the back of their business cards. Your mission statement can also be clearly articulated on your website and in other appropriate brochures and documentation.

We recommend that every reasonable opportunity should be taken by management to relate current projects, plans and decisions back to their organisation’s mission statement. This will involve management explaining why the particular projects and plans are essential if the organisation’s vision and mission are to be achieved.

Measure the impact of your mission statement

Insync can help you measure the clarity of your mission statement and the extent to which it has been embedded into your organisation’s culture and DNA. This will rarely be uniform, particularly when the organisation is geographically diverse. This emphasises the importance of ensuring:

  • leaders right across the organisation buy into and have the same understanding of your organisation’s vision, mission and values
  • the organisation’s vision, mission and values has the same meaning to all employees
  • leaders take responsibility for fully embedding their vision, mission and values across the organisation with strong employee buy-in

Insync believes that the best way a board, CEO and leadership team can determine, on an objective basis, how well their mission statement is understood across their organisation. We can look at the extent to which your leaders are committed to your direction and how well it has been embedded into the organisation’s culture and DNA with an Employee Alignment and Engagement Survey.

The reports that flow from the survey can be used to identify areas of excellence which should be celebrated and leveraged across the rest of the organisation to the extent possible.

Insync can also help you develop an action plan with appropriate initiatives to address the areas where improvements are required. Some improvement initiatives are likely to apply to the whole organisation and others just to specific segments. Responsibilities should be allocated and timeframes set for all improvement initiatives.

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