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Improving the experience of your people

What is your organisation’s story?

We talk a lot about the benefits to organisations in articulating and embedding their vision, purpose (or mission) and values. These vital ingredients tell the story of who your organisation is, what it aspires to achieve and what it stands for. Embedding these statements into your organisation’s culture and DNA will make them a part of your thinking and everyday language and ensures that all plans, projects, decisions, actions, behaviours and messaging are aligned and linked back to your vision, purpose and values.

It makes sense that your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Customer Value Proposition (CVP) are also included in the story. These statements clearly express your organisation’s promise to its employees and customers and if defined properly, will align and be congruent with your vision, purpose and values.

Here at Insync, we are proud of our vision, purpose, values, EVP and CVP. These have been refined over many years to the point where they are engrained in our everyday behaviours and organisational culture. They are deliberately simple and specific, yet aspirational and long-term. They are referred to regularly and consistently across whole-of-organisation strategic documents, team and project plans and even individual plans. Collectively, they bring the Insync story to life.

See Insync’s vision, purpose, values, EVP and CVP here!

Who are you and what is your organisation’s story?

You will note that we haven’t asked you what you do or what your organisation does. Explaining what we do or what our organisation does is easy – it rolls off the tongue. But explaining who we really are and why we do what we do is much harder for us and for our organisations.

This is where creating a clear vision, purpose and values comes in. These statements are supported by a clear EVP and CVP. We have been helping organisations discover and articulate who they are and what they stand for over many years and have witnessed the significant benefits that flow from that. We encourage leaders to be very explicit and intentional about the type and style of organisation they intend to develop and the culture they intend to form and shape along the way. These things are far too important to leave to chance.

What is your organisation’s story? Is it a coherent story? Does it explain its true essence and character and why your organisation does what it does?

Here are some resources that will help you discover and articulate who your organisation really is, what it aspires to achieve and what it stands for. We hope they help.

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