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Voice of the Customer

We’ve heard it all before right? To be competitive and stay ahead of the game, organisations must measure customer, client, member, stakeholder and patient satisfaction and be customer-centric.

Well it is true. Successful organisations think and act differently. Our research shows that listening and adapting to customers’ needs is one of the business habits that differentiates high performance organisations from low performance ones.

Link customer feedback to strategy

To become truly customer-focused, organisations require a well designed, evidence based Voice of the Customer feedback program that drives accountability for key business outcomes. Step one is to work out what really matters to your customers.

Whether it’s a short NPS or satisfaction survey to quickly gauge customer feedback, an ongoing customer transaction monitor, or a comprehensive overview of what drives your customers on their journey with you, we help you understand and meet the needs of your customers using our unique Voice of the Customer framework.

Our Voice of the Customer Framework

Insync works closely with clients to design their own individual Voice of the Customer Measurement Framework that incorporates the organisation’s vision, CVP and strategy. The framework is built using input from both employees and customers and results from Customer Journey Mapping.


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How can I drive change with customer feedback?

Statistical analysis determines which factors (drivers) are most important to customers and in particular, most important to achieving the chosen KPIs (outcomes). Once the framework has been implemented and priorities for driving organisational success have been identified, leadership teams can then focus efforts on implementing two to three meaningful initiatives that can truly transform the business.

Insync helps track the impact of these initiatives on KPIs with short, “in the moment” feedback loops that engage and empower employees and drive their accountability to specific outcomes.

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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync carried out a survey of water consumers across Australia and NZ that has provided very useful insights for our sector. The specialist knowledge of James Garriock and his team made the difference in the design, delivery and interpretation of the survey results. It is wonderful to work with a consultant who knows our industry so well.
Evelyn Rodrigues

Manager, Customer and Community
Water Services Association of Australia

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