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Employee engagement – our high-performance framework

Post-pandemic with a tight labour market, an all-time low unemployment rate, and increased demand for hybrid and flexible working conditions, more than ever, it is crucial to focus on employee retention.

Did you know?

That over 40% of the global workforce is considering leaving their employer this year? And that voluntary quitting has increased, along with employees’ confidence in being able to get another job as good as their current one (52%, +14%), and a job that pays as much as their current one (58%, +7%)?

However, it’s not all about wages.

Employee data collected from Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey (AES), during the pandemic, specifically highlighted that the key drivers of envisioning a fulfilling future at an organisation are based around investment in people and teams, followed by local leadership.

Why Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey?

The true value of using Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey is the ability to identify alignment and engagement and its drivers within a highly robust and valid framework.

You can also customise, remove and add items to ensure your survey is fit for your purpose and circumstances. Most importantly, when we provide you with benchmarked survey results we can provide you with a roadmap for success – a prioritised list of improvement opportunities that will improve your organisation’s performance.

And why independently administered? Because research suggests that in-house surveys show biased results, with employees giving higher scores (often in fear of repercussions). Whereas employees tend to be much more candid when providing responses to a survey run by a party considered to be independent – thus the results are more accurate.



Why Insync?

Carrying out an independent benchmarked survey that has been designed to meet your requirements is only the first step. Our mantra is: less measurement and more improvement, not the other way around. Many organisations have being doing employee engagement surveys for years with little or no improvement in employee engagement.

Unlike other survey companies, Insync is also there to help you improve. Whether you use our Alignment and Engagement Survey or another well-designed and independently administered survey, we can provide expert advice on how to interpret and act on your results.

Here at Insync, we are experts across all areas of employee relations. We excel at providing exit surveys, employee wellbeing surveys, customer experience and a whole lot more.

Example client success

With 3 years of employee turnover at 57% costing an estimated $2.9 million each year, West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) knew there was a need for change. Insync was selected to partner with WARC in their critical improvement journey measuring levels of employee alignment and engagement, resulting in reduced employee turnover by 25% and millions saved each year. You can read our exclusive case study here.

West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync's passionate employees understand true partnering and relationship building. The Alignment and Engagement survey has great content and can be tailored. The experience was seamless and Insync became an extension of us as they delivered our story to our people. Insync is very fortunate to have employees who are experts in their chosen field and have the ability to build meaningful relationships with their Clients. This is a true value add, thank you Insync.
Helen Lyons

Head of People & Culture
Inner West Council

Insync Testimonial
Insync has assisted our organisation to improve our employee engagement practices for a number of years. They are a team of highly skilled and committed professionals focused on delivering value to their clients.
Mathew Khoury

HR Operations Manager
Teachers Mutual Bank

Insync Testimonial
Workways has been partnering with Insync for several years to deliver our Staff Alignment and Engagement surveys. We choose to work with Insync as they invest the time to gain an intimate understanding of our business, including our drivers and challenges, and they apply this knowledge to help us develop an Alignment and Engagement survey that will provide the most effective data for our business. Their depth of analysis and advice has helped us to develop actionable plans with real outcomes that have seen our results improve significantly, year after year.  
Karly McCaskil

National Marketing & Communications Manager

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