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Employee engagement

Most organisations say that their employees are their most important asset – but how many really believe it and how many demonstrate it in their decisions, plans and actions? Our recent employee research with the Australian HR Institute showed that only 22% of employees believed that their organisation currently makes the best use of its human capital, yet a huge 92% believed that their organisation should make the best use of its human capital.

Our extensively researched employee engagement survey benchmarks engagement on an emotional, cognitive and behavioural level – giving you a holistic view of where your employees are at. It also shows you how your organisation measures up against the biggest drivers of engagement.

Having done so many hundreds of employee engagement surveys, we can show you things that you may not have previously seen, providing fresh insights that will form a sound basis for helping you develop your plan to improve employee engagement.

Our employee engagement framework

Insync’s Employee Engagement Survey answers two critical questions:

  • How engaged are your employees?
  • What is driving their engagement (or lack of engagement)?

Whilst there may be dozens of things you can do to increase your engagement, our experienced industry consultants will advise you of the small number of areas where you should focus your actions and initiatives to make the most sustainable improvement in engagement.

forecast your employee engagement score infographic

An example of our employee engagement insights and action portal

Why is employee engagement important?

Engaged employees are more highly motivated, work smarter and harder and are more likely to promote their organisation to others.

Increasing employee engagement also improves:

  • Customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Retention and absenteeism
  • Health and safety
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Risk outcomes
  • Organisation performance

A disengaged workforce does the opposite.

How can I improve employee engagement?

Carrying out an independent benchmarked survey that has been designed to meet your requirements is only the first step. Our mantra is: less measurement and more improvement, not the other way around. Many organisations have been doing employee engagement surveys for years with little or no improvement in employee engagement.

Unlike other survey companies, Insync is also there to help you improve. Whether you use Insync’s employee engagement survey or another well designed and independently administered survey, we can provide you with insights into your employee engagement, or lack thereof, that come from having carried out and advised on hundreds of employee surveys. We can also provide you with our recommendations for improvement, providing you with a roadmap to your success.

We normally suggest that you involve employees and leaders in the process of understanding and owning the survey results and then developing an action plan to increase employee engagement and organisational performance. This process often includes employee focus groups and action planning sessions and other post-survey advice and assistance.

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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync has assisted our organisation to improve our employee engagement practices for a number of years. They are a team of highly skilled and committed professionals focused on delivering value to their clients.
Mathew Khoury

HR Operations Manager
Teachers Mutual Bank

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