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How reducing staff turnover saved West Arnhem Regional Council millions each year

West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

Moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

With 3 years of staff turnover at 57% costing an estimated $2.9 million each year, West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) knew there was a need for change.

“WARC decided that setting a baseline for employee engagement and employee experience was critical for the improvement journey. Insync was selected to partner with WARC to deliver an important employee survey across the business”.

Over the past two years, Insync has been working with WARC to measure levels of employee alignment and engagement, identify problems and provide the following solutions:

  • An evidenced-based framework that has been academically and statistically validated
  • Extensive Australian local government benchmark data with over 40,000 responses to contextualize results
  • Research and project management expertise to guide WARC’s team through the exercise
  • Use of multiple modes of survey administration to increase response rates
  • A comprehensive set of reports housed in a central portal for secure storage and easy distribution
  • A comprehensive debrief of the survey results with the CEO and survey project team highlighting areas of strength as well as optimal areas of investment to boost engagement and alignment

WARC’s actions reduced employee turnover by 25%

Based on the employee feedback, WARC decided to focus on four key areas; performance building through professional development, top-down communication, employee reward and recognition and collaboration between departments and offices, resulting in a 25% drop in employee turnover figures and placing WARC in the top 10% of the Australian local government benchmark for engagement.

Staff turnover may be costing your business. Read our case study to deep dive into WARC’s success in moving from measurement to improvement.

West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

Why Insync

Insync has worked with over 100 councils across the country and have a benchmark of over 40,000 responses from recent surveys.

Local government is one of Insync’s specialist industry sectors supported by a large, dedicated team that understands the priorities and challenges faced by councils. Our partnership with local government over the last 21 years has allowed us to gather extensive survey data. As a result, we have a rich benchmark that councils can use to compare themselves with industry peers and best practice measures.

Whether you’re looking to gauge trust amongst staff, retain skilled employees, engage and consult with your community, increase cooperation across work areas or even provide career opportunities, we can help. Talk to us today.

Insync Testimonial
The reports that we received were straightforward and insightful, making it easy for us to move from measurement to improvement. Insync’s team is very professional, knowledgeable and experienced; they always had our best interests at heart and made the entire process easy-going and trouble-free. I would highly recommend them as improvement partners.
Daniel Findley

Chief Executive Officer
West Arnhem Regional Council

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