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Employee Alignment – Our High Performance Framework

In an ideal world everyone knows what success looks like in their organisation and all our teams work towards one clear strategic goal … and each employee knows how their contribution helps achieve success for the organisation.

How do you know if your employees are aligned with your vision, purpose and main strategic goals? You measure it using a well designed, psychometrically valid and independently administered alignment and engagement survey.

And why independently administered? Because our research shows that surveys that are done in-house often show significantly better results that ones that are independently administered. It is a matter of trust. Employees tend to be much more candid when providing responses to a survey run by a party considered to be independent.

Alignment & Engagement

The true value of using Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey is the ability to identify alignment and engagement and its drivers within a highly robust and valid framework.

You can also customise, remove and add items to ensure your survey is fit for your purpose and circumstances. Most importantly, when we provide you with survey results we can provide you with a roadmap for success, a prioritised list of improvement opportunities that will improve your organisation’s performance.

employee alignment infographic

Why is employee alignment and engagement important?

Our research shows that alignment and engagement are the two most important factors for achieving high performance. Aligned and engaged employees are more highly motivated about achieving organisational outcomes, work smarter and harder and are more likely to promote their organisation to others.

Increasing employee alignment also improves:

  • Customer satisfaction, engagement and loyalty
  • Retention and absenteeism
  • Health and safety
  • Innovation and productivity
  • Risk outcomes
  • Organisation performance

An unaligned and disengaged workforce does the opposite and acts as a massive hand brake on performance.

Example client success

With 3 years of employee turnover at 57% costing an estimated $2.9 million each year, West Arnhem Regional Council (WARC) knew there was a need for change. Insync was selected to partner with WARC in their critical improvement journey measuring levels of employee alignment and engagement, resulting in reduced employee turnover by 25% and millions saved each year. You can read our exclusive case study here.

West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

How can I increase alignment to create high performance?

Carrying out an independent benchmarked survey that has been designed to meet your requirements is only the first step. Our mantra is: less measurement and more improvement, not the other way around. Many organisations have being doing employee engagement surveys for years with little or no improvement in employee engagement.

Unlike other survey companies, Insync is also there to help you improve. Whether you use our Alignment and Engagement Survey or another well designed and independently administered survey, we can provide you with the insights in to your employee engagement, or lack thereof, that come from our experience of having carried out and advised on hundreds of employee surveys. We can also provide you with our recommendations for improvement, providing you with a roadmap to your success.

We normally suggest that you involve employees and leaders in the process of understanding and owning the survey results and then developing an action plan to increase employee engagement and organisational performance. This process often includes employee focus groups and action planning sessions and other post-survey advice and assistance.

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What our clients say

Insync Testimonial
Insync provided us with excellent service and the output has been incredibly valuable for the development of our organisation and people strategies.
Naomi Fennell

Director of People Management
Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

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