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Practical insights to foster employee engagement

Practical insights for high-performance employee engagement

In 2023, BeyondHousing undertook its second staff survey, using Insync’s Alignment & Engagement survey tool. For the second year in a row, BeyondHousing sits within the top 10 per cent of Insync’s not-for-profit benchmark (containing over 350 organisational studies), with an Engagement Score of 85% and an Alignment Score of 77%.

We sat down with BeyondHousing’s Chief Executive Officer, Celia Adams and Chief People Officer, Louise Frichot, to uncover some practical tips to help enhance employee alignment and engagement.

This case study explores:

  • What contributes to a high level of engagement?
  • How do you ensure vision is embedded within the company culture?
  • How do you ensure you’re recruiting people who align with the company’s vision and culture?
  • How do you set and maintain such high levels of commitment to performance and accountability?
  • What employee benefits can enhance workplace culture?

Read the case study to uncover how BeyondHousing achieved remarkable employee engagement levels, its strategies for success, and what lies ahead in their journey.

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