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It’s a customer’s world. Few people would argue that for organisations to survive, they must understand and meet the needs of their customers.

In this fast paced world where goods and services are increasingly being commoditised, there are three key questions for boards and executives today: How will our products and services stand out? How will we differentiate and add value? Can our current competitive advantage be sustained?

The answer to these questions lies in customer centricity, that is, in putting your customers at the centre of all your thinking, planning and decision making.

Insync’s latest paper, Thriving in the age of the customer: how to discover and bring to life your customer value proposition, outlines the starting point of your journey to customer centricity – defining value from the customer’s perspective – and provides a practical “how to” guide for understanding customer needs in detail and defining value from their point of view.

Defining and delivering a strong CVP will enable your organisation to deliver a customer experience that meets their needs and adds value, resulting in high levels of loyalty and advocacy. It will also give potential customers a compelling reason to choose your products, services and solutions over others, thus creating a real competitive advantage.

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