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Safety Culture Trends

safety culture declining trend

Safety Culture Trends

Covid-19 has amplified the already high-pressure environment for healthcare organisations and safety culture outcomes have suffered as a result with declines in all domains, particularly resources and teamwork.

As healthcare cautiously moves out of crisis mode, reinvigorating safety culture should be top of mind in health systems to yield the best possible outcomes for patients and caregivers. Hospital leaders can implement key high-reliability strategies to reverse the negative trend in safety culture and bounce back stronger and more resilient than ever.

Insync’s Healthcare partner Press Ganey has shared insight into declining safety culture trends along with key takeaways for leaders to reverse the trend in safety culture and drive improvement efforts forward.

Access the paper below.

How Insync can help

Insync and Press Ganey have been measuring safety culture in health care for over three decades. Our employee engagement and safety culture looks at the perceptions, attitudes, and behaviours of health professionals, covering very practical topics, such as:

  • Are clinicians encouraged to report unsafe situations and close calls without fear of reprisals?
  • How are medical errors recognised?
  • Is there confidence that the organisation will respond appropriately to errors and near misses?
  • Are new personnel adequately trained?
  • Is there a positive perception of the processes and procedures designed to promote patient safety?
  • Is it safe to speak up if a clinician has any concerns?

Need help getting started? Talk to us today about how we can help you transform your employee engagement and safety culture.

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Amanda Byers

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Foster a positive safety culture to reduce medical errors

Insync, in association with Press Ganey, delivers integrated insights and targeted, meaningful action that transform employee engagement. Get in touch to learn more.

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