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How to address evolving patient perceptions of cleanliness

Addressing evolving patient perceptions of clean

How Epworth Healthcare maintained high patient ratings for cleanliness, despite the rise in hygiene expectations

The evolution in patient perceptions of cleanliness is reshaping how experience outcomes are defined and met. Patient experience data from Insync’s healthcare partner Press Ganey, including innovative analysis of 350,000 patient comments, indicate that whether patients ‘feel’ clean increasingly correlates with how they rate their overall hospital experience. As the pandemic continues, cleanliness scores continue to decline, widening the gap between pre-and post-pandemic measures of the patient experience.



This trend created a new challenge for hospital leaders: How do you address shifting perceptions of cleanliness to meet an even higher standard when you’re already doing all you can to provide a safe and clean environment?

Two Australian healthcare facilities, Epworth Geelong and Eastern, have bucked this trend with consistently high patient ratings for cleanliness over the past 12 months.

“Ensuring a clean and welcoming environment is a very effective part of making people feel as comfortable as possible during their stay.”
Natasha Toohey, Chief Operating Officer, Hospitals, Epworth HealthCare.

So, what are Epworth Geelong and Eastern doing differently to achieve such consistently high results for cleanliness?

Read our case study below to find out. 

Epworth Addressing Patient Perceptions of Clean

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