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MS: Moving into the future through reinvigorated Aspiration, Purpose and Values

Moving into the future

Insync Senior Manager, Sophie Owen sat down with John Blewonski, CEO of Multiple Sclerosis Limited (MSL) to talk about the organisation’s journey to reinvigorate its Aspiration, Purpose and Values, and how this will contribute to the organisation’s success.

This case study reflects on MS’ journey and move into the future reflecting on the following key topics:

  • What initially brought about the need for change?
  • What challenges were evident with MS’ previous Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • What did MS seek to achieve from the process?
  • How did you go about redefining MS’ Vision, Mission, and Values?
  • Why the change from Vision to Aspiration?
  • What contributed to the success of the process?
  • Why is an organisation’s Vision, Mission, and Values so important, and how do you see it contribute to MS’ success?
  • What’s next and how will the new Aspiration, Purpose, and Values be embedded?

Click the image below to download the full MS case study.

MS Case Study









To learn more, and to be inspired by John’s passion, you can take a look at his interview with Sophie Owen from  Insync below.

Full version (26 mins):


Shorter version (5 mins):

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