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The 7 ways to bring your vision to life: new employee research

Half of NFP employees are uninspired – what lessons can we learn from successful NFPs?

Not-for-profit organisations that pursue a clear vision can create a motivated and engaged workforce – but many are failing to inspire their people.

Our new research has found inspired employees are five times more likely to recommend their organisation and twelve times more positive about innovation than uninspired employees.

But many NFPs are failing to hit the mark, with our research of 36,000 employees from 180 employee surveys revealing only 46% are inspired by their organisation’s vision.

Our latest insights paper, Bring your vision to life – lessons from successful NFPs, shows a successful mindset begins at the interview stage, by employing people who buy into the NFP’s vision and values.

The most successful organisations embed their vision by celebrating success, and recognising people who demonstrate those values.

Seven ways successful NFPs inspire their people

  1. The vision is clear and compelling
  2. Strategic goals and plans are aligned with the vision
  3. Authentic leaders nurture a positive climate
  4. The vision is reinforced through dialogue
  5. Streamlined communications bring the vision to life
  6. The vision is embedded in all management processes
  7. They measure and celebrate understanding and delivery of their vision

Download our insights report below.

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Why does vision matter?

Our employee survey research shows that employees who are inspired by the organisation’s vision are strongly linked to critical organisational outcomes, and are much more likely to:

  • recommend the organisation as a workplace
  • believe there is a strong client focus in decision making
  • feel encouraged to be innovative
  • agree that the organisation is committed to high standards of performance

An inspiring vision will also answer an employee’s need for meaning and purpose, and positively impact other intrinsic drivers of employee engagement such as mastery, autonomy, relationships and security.

Read more about our employee engagement framework here.

How Insync can help you discover and embed an inspiring vision

If you need to build a stronger connection with your organisation’s vision, Insync can assist with an integrated program from start to finish or alternatively focus on specific aspects of the process:

  • Defining your vision
  • Aligning your leaders
  • Engaging employees
  • Improving communications
  • Updating management processes
  • Measuring connection with your vision

Want to bring your vision to life?

We can help you create and embed a compelling vision that will inspire, energise and engage your employees. Talk to us today.

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Our new research found inspired employees are 5 X more likely to recommend their organisation & 12 X more positive about innovation than uninspired employees.

So less than half your employees are inspired by the organisation’s vision… Does it matter?

Insync’s not-for-profit benchmark reveals that only 46% of employees are fully inspired by the vision of their NFP employer. So why does this matter?