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Insight from 36,000 NFP employees to help bring your organisation’s vision to life

Insync’s Senior Manager, Sophie Owen talked through the below insights for bringing your organisation’s vision to life.

4 main key findings

  1. Inspired employees are strongly linked to critical organisational outcomes
  2. An inspiring vision enhances employee engagement
  3. Less than half of NFP employees are inspired by vision
  4. Inspiration is adversely impacted by internal and external factors

7 best practices for an inspiring vision

  1. The organisation’s vision is clear and compelling
  2. Strategic goals and plans are aligned with the vision
  3. Authentic leaders nurture a positive climate in which vision can flourish
  4. The vision is reinforced through dialogue
  5. Streamlined communications bring vision to life
  6. The vision is embedded in all management practices
  7. They measure and celebrate the delivery of their vision



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