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VIDEO: Cutting through the noise for better internal communication

A guide for cutting through the noise

Good internal communication is important for mobilising, inspiring and directing employees. But, we understand effective communication can be challenging and from over half a million employees surveyed by Insync, we found that less than half are satisfied with internal communications.

Our latest paper outlines how you can cut through the noise and overcome communication barriers to truly connect with employees. In addition, Insync’s Senior Consultant Sophie Owen and Senior Manager Emily Dimmack sat down to discuss the paper.

Watch the full 20-minute video or the below short snippets.

Why effective communication is so important


Run time: 1:30 seconds

Why communication should be targeted to every level of the organisation


Run time: 50 seconds

The Triple A framework for improving internal communication


Run time: 2:30 seconds

Read our full report and framework for assessing, aligning and activating communication practices

Included in the report is a practical worksheet to help guide your assessment of your current communication practices and channels, and to build an effective communication framework and approach for your organisation.

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