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Adi Ryan

Manager - Health, Education & Community Services

Adi has over 20 years of experience in health and aged care key stakeholder research. As Production Team Leader and Project Manager, she specialises in the delivery of Patient Experience survey projects across the Australasian region. Throughout her career, Adi has managed over 1,000 projects, including oversight of multiple national validation studies, an organisation-wide quality management portfolio and the distribution of 200,000 surveys on average each year.

Adi is an accomplished researcher, data analyst and report writer with skills including survey design, data cleaning, sampling, coding, survey printing, mail-house operations, and data collation for comprehensive reporting. Her knowledge extends across various survey instruments for key stakeholders such as patients, aged care residents, community and home health clients, families, employees and doctors.

Throughout her career, Adi has been instrumental in the development of a suite of nationally validated survey tools, ensuring ISO quality accreditation standards were maintained and transitioning mail-house operations to an automated model using sophisticated technology and equipment.