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Dr. Sugumar Mariappanadar

Senior Sustainability Advisor

Dr. Sugumar Mariappanadar is recognised as an internationally acclaimed professional who has helped shape innovative approaches to embed ESG sustainability programs organisation-wide. Based on his research he has contributed to changes in international work health and safety standards GRI-403 (2018) set by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) for Sustainability, Amsterdam. Sugumar is Fellow – College of Organisational Psychologists – Australian Psychological Society (APS), and Certified Academic HR (CAHR) of the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI).

Sugumar has the distinction of writing the first monograph on Sustainable Human Resource Management: Strategies, Practices and Challenges published by Macmillan International, London (2019). He has over 50 research publications in the field of psychology, management and sustainable work strategies and practices. His consultancy includes business process analysis and management systems development. Sugumar has conceptualised and jointly developed management analytics software for businesses to have a strategic approach to solving management issues.