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Our People

Eleanor Howe

Senior Manager - Government & Utilities

Eleanor is one of Australia’s engagement leaders. Her highly sought-after skills enable her to listen deeply, work collaboratively and create genuine social impact.

Driven by social impact, Eleanor recognises the complexities of how projects and planning decisions can impact people and is passionate about empowering communities to shape the decisions that impact them. With an enthusiasm for deliberative engagement that put people at the heart of decision-making, Eleanor recognises there is not a ‘one size’ fits all method. She uses her expertise to partner with organisations and collaboratively design approach that meet the needs of the organisation and their community.

Working in multiple sectors, Eleanor likes the unique challenges of each project and designing creative yet practical responses. Through her career she worked closely with Victorian state and local governments on planning and strategies, public policy, significant infrastructure and urban renewal projects.

Her warmth and genuineness are embedded in her approach to community, stakeholder and client relationships. As a meticulous practitioner, Eleanor is an asset to any project team, bringing her unique style to strategy development and delivery.