Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

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Benchmarking board performance – webinar

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In this webinar, Nicholas Barnett – Executive Chairman and co-founder of Insync’s Governance Practice, discusses benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later.

Learn how to use benchmarking to improve your board. Also, find out how to focus on the vital few to deliver the biggest improvement in your governance and oversight while ensuring your board increases its impact, adds value and leaves a lasting legacy.

Discover the power of benchmarking to evaluate your board’s strengths and weaknesses, driving meaningful change. Learn why benchmarking is crucial for interpreting board survey results and how it enhances understanding. Explore key areas of board effectiveness supported by research and how a benchmarked survey can facilitate improvement. Focus on critical aspects to enhance governance, increase impact, add value, and create a lasting legacy.


Watch the recorded webinar below:

Key Contact

Nicholas Barnett

Executive Chairman

Nicholas is a business leader and visionary with over three decades experience in the corporate sector serving in a range of roles including director, consultant and chairman of both large and medium sized companies, national and international. He is executive chairman of Insync, Board Benchmarking and Board Surveys, a former partner of KPMG, a former chairman of Ansvar Insurance, First Samuel and Ambit Group and a former director of Mission Australia.

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