Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

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Fostering a Client-Centric Culture

Secrets to Success – Insync’s Virtual Roundtable

In May 2023, Insync hosted a virtual roundtable with a range of people from community services organisations. The purpose of the session was to hear and learn from the recent experiences at Uniting VicTas in the pursuit of hearing and understanding the voice of their consumers. Maree Kalkens (Senior Manager Quality Improvement and Performance) and Evaline Keves (Quality Improvement Business Partner) gave insight into the challenges they faced, what they did and what insights they have since gained.

Briefly summarised below is what our guests shared about how they fostered a client-centric culture and what advice they would give to others.

Secrets to Success - Fostering a Client-Centric Culture

Our virtual roundtable ‘Secrets to Success’ will be hosted bi-annually discussing important issues affecting those in this sector. If you wish to be involved, please contact us.

To read about our previous virtual roundtable ‘Secrets to Success – Leveraging the voice of your employees’ click here.

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Benchmarking board performance: 500 board reviews later

Unlock insights into board performance from over 500 board reviews in the first evidence-based Insync and Board Benchmarking report.