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Ensure oversight that adds value

Ensure your governance is fit for purpose, provides oversight but also adds value.

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Governance and assurance

Everyone knows that good governance means appropriately oversighting the operations, performance and compliance of their organisation. These are critical ‘hygiene’ factors but there is often not enough focus on the importance of the governance role also adding commercial value. Adding value means setting the right tone from the top and creating an environment where people can thrive and do their best, throughout the organisation.

It also means motivating people to higher standards of performance, making better risk-based decisions, and becoming enthusiastic supporters of the value of good governance systems and not just reluctantly compliant participants.

Governance reviews and advisory services

Insync have carried out numerous governance reviews for both large and small organisations with both board and narrow briefs. Regular governance reviews are carried out as part of Insync’s board evaluations and reviews of director effectiveness.

Special reviews and advice is also regularly provided in relation to some of the following matters

  • Reviews of chair performance, re-appointment and succession
  • Processes for director search and selection including to increase diversity
  • Assistance to develop competency matrices
  • Corporatising private and family company boards
  • Advice on getting the most out of in-camera sessions

Facilitated workshops

Insync regularly facilitates workshops for board or for boards and executive teams. These workshops allow the Chair, CEO and others to take an active role in the session knowing that the session is being facilitated by a highly experienced and expert facilitator.

Workshops have been carried out for many purposes including to:

  • Facilitate a strategy or planning day
  • Determine the role of the board
  • Determine the priorities for the board for the coming year
  • Agree to a statement of expectations of each other (e.g. a Leadership Code)
  • Develop a practical competency matrix
  • Run a risk assessment or emerging risk assessment

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Lift the bar with governance that’s fit for purpose, provides oversight but also adds value.

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