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Improve patient safety by fostering a positive safety climate

Take action to reduce patient harm or risk.

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Safety Climate Survey – Healthcare

Reduce medical errors and adverse events by measuring the attitudes and reported behaviours of health professionals within their working environments. Understand how the climate in your organisation impacts the quality of patient care:

  • Are clinicians encouraged to report unsafe situations and close calls without fear of reprisals?
  • How are medical errors recognised?
  • Is there confidence that the organisation will respond appropriately to errors and near misses?
  • Are new personnel adequately trained?
  • Is there a positive perception of the processes and procedures designed to promote patient safety?
  • Is it safe to speak up if a clinician has any concerns?
  • Would suggestions to enhance safety be acted upon if they were expressed to management?

Healthcare safety climate

Measuring your safety climate

Insync’s safety climate survey is based on the University of Texas’ Safety Attitudes Questionnaire. The core survey (which can be customised) comprises 42 items grouped into six analytically derived attitudinal domains:

  • Safety climate – perceptions of a strong and proactive organisational commitment to safety
  • Teamwork – perceived quality of collaboration between staff members
  • Job satisfaction – positive perceptions about the work experience
  • Stress recognition – acknowledgement of how performance is influenced by stressors
  • Working conditions – perceived quality of the work environment and logistical support (staff, equipment, etc.)
  • Perceptions of management – approval of managerial action

Clear and actionable reporting

Insync has made significant investments over the last 10 years in the reporting frameworks, benchmarks and supporting technology to provide clear and actionable reporting. We have conducted over 140 safety climate studies with leading public and private hospitals and have a benchmark with 30,000 responses.
We can help you to measure and improve your organisation’s safety climate by offering:

  • A psychometrically tested and validated survey tool
  • Access to relevant and extensive survey benchmarks
  • An online reporting portal that can be accessed from anywhere 24 X 7
  • Ability to slice and dice the data on multiple dimensions
  • Evidence-based insights and solutions
  • Support with prioritisation of improvement areas based on current performance and impact
  • Full-service support from a dedicated Project Manager

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