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West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

Staff turnover could be costing your business

West Arnhem Regional Council’s (WARC) employee turnover had been at 57% for the past 3 years, costing WARC a startling $2.9 million each year.

WARC decided that setting a baseline for the employee experience was critical for the improvement journey. Over the past two years, Insync has worked with WARC to measure levels of employee alignment and engagement, identify problems and provide the following solutions:

  • An evidenced-based framework that has been academically and statistically validated
  • Extensive Australian local government benchmark data with over 40,000 responses to contextualize results
  • Research and project management expertise to guide WARC’s team through the exercise
  • A comprehensive set of reports housed in a central portal for secure storage and easy distribution
  • A comprehensive debrief of the survey results with the CEO and survey project team highlighting areas of strength as well as optimal areas of investment to boost engagement and alignment

WARC’s actions to reduce staff turnover

WARC moved swiftly from reporting on Insync’s results to action planning resulting in a 16% improvement in alignment scores placing WARC in the top quartile of the Australian local government benchmark.

See below key actions WARC undertook in one problem area – reward and recognition. Further actions across collaboration, top-down communication and performance building are discussed in the case study.

The figures represent the change from 2020 to 2021, in the percentage of respondents who agreed or strongly agreed with the survey statement.

WARC continues to better engage with their staff and provide an employee experience that is second to none. WARC is a great example of turning measurement into improvement through valid measurement, structured action planning and a concerted effort to reduce employee turnover figures by 25%.

Read our latest case study.

West Arnhem Regional Council moving from measurement to reduced staff turnover

Ask yourself, is staff turnover and low employee engagement costing your business? Talk to us today if you would like to get started on improving your employee experience and retaining your people.


Images supplied by West Arnhem Regional Council.

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