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Psychosocial hazards in the workplace: expert insights and discussion

Psychosocial hazards Psychosocial assessment

Psychosocial hazards in the workplace: expert insights and discussion

We are excited to present a compelling discussion around psychosocial hazards featuring distinguished industry experts. Dr Erika Szerda, Principal at Insync and a seasoned psychologist and behaviourist collaborates with Michelle Maugueret from The Growth Collective, who contributes her wealth of leadership and HR expertise. Furthermore, Steve Macchi, a Lawyer and Director of Workplace Consultancy at Insight Workplace Solutions enhances this dynamic conversation by providing valuable legal insights.

The conversation begins by defining psychosocial hazards and scrutinising the legal stance. It emphasises leaders fostering a culture of psychological safety and highlights its benefits. Exploring legal consequences for businesses neglecting psychosocial hazards follows suit. The discussion concludes by looking at the future, emphasising the necessity of cross-functional collaboration in addressing these challenges.

Key takeaways

  • Psychosocial hazards in the workplace can cause psychological or physical harm to employees
  • Leaders have a responsibility to create a culture of psychological safety and support their employees’ mental health
  • Failure to address psychosocial hazards can have legal and reputational implications for businesses
  • Addressing psychosocial hazards can lead to improved employee engagement, productivity, and overall wellbeing

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