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Exit Interviews

Losing employees is a natural part of running an organisation, but losing key people at the wrong time can be disruptive and costly. Understanding why people leave is critical to manage staff turnover and improve overall employee engagement.

By partnering with Insync, employees can voice concerns openly. Our exit interview questions have been developed by our own organisation psychologists and are designed to be relevant to exiting employees.

The “reasons for leaving” chart shown below, which is available in the online Entry/Exit portal, incorporates our extensive benchmark data. This gives an organisation’s exit survey data a market-wide perspective and makes for more informed decisions about where to prioritise improvement efforts.


reason for leaving job graph

Using our Exit Interview has many benefits

  • cost savings by reducing staff turnover and improving productivity
  • frees up valuable HR time
  • using a using a third party encourages honest employee feedback, allowing you to act confidently on the survey results
  • discover and act on staff retention issues that affect other employees and the organisation’s bottom line

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