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Alignment and employee engagement staff survey reveals your organisation’s performance level

Would you say your organisation and employees are driven? Or are they passionate? Better still are they both, what we would define as high performing? Let’s be serious, no one would admit to being part of a low performance organisation, but it’s important to recognise where your organisation sits if you’re committed to improvement and building sustainable high performance.

Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey framework

Alignment and Engagement Survey framework infographic








Where does your organisation sit?

Insync’s Alignment and Engagement Survey, a comprehensive employee survey, was developed after considerable research into how alignment and employee engagement can lead to sustainable high performance. Our academically and statistically validated framework measures how aligned and engaged an organisation is and whether they’re on the path to achieving sustainable high performance.

So where do you think your organisation sits according to our staff survey framework? And perhaps more importantly, where do you want to take it? Below are the four categories of performance explained.

“Low performance” organisations

Alignment and Employee Engagement Framework Low Performance






Employees of low performance organisations are typically disengaged and unsupportive of the goals and  strategic direction.

This results in:

  • employees lacking direction and motivation, and having low organisational commitment and a poor understanding of their bearing on organisational outcomes
  • different parts of the organisation not working in tandem, resulting in duplication of effort and working obstructively
  • large bureaucracies with inflexible and deep-rooted systems
  • resistance to change

“Passionate” organisations

Alignment and Employee Engagement Framework Passionate






Passionate organisations have employees who love their job, but are not aligned with the organisation’s goals.

This results in:

  • people-focused cultures with high levels of investment in employees
  • high level of participation in work social activities
  • high level of cohesiveness within and across departments/teams
  • positive workplaces with excited employees
  • lack of clear and achievable goals to which employees can align themselves

Passionate workgroups within unengaged organisations can create:

  • cohesive work groups with a silo mentality
  • internal rivalries to the detriment of good communication and market focus
  • lack of information and knowledge sharing across the organisation

“Driven” organisations

Alignment and Employee Engagement Framework Driven






Employees of driven organisations have great awareness of and comply with the goals and strategic direction with little employee engagement.

This results in:

  • success at achieving bottom line results
  • focus on “numbers” with pressure to perform
  • a vertical focus with clear organisation divisions and formal processes to exert power
  • poor morale and retention, with high staff burnout

“High performance” organisations

Alignment and Employee Engagement Framework High Performance






High performance organisations enjoy high alignment and engagement.

They have:

  • balanced alignment and employee engagement, focusing on both business results and people
  • good understanding of who the customer is, with a business strategy that promotes this
  • efficient internal processes
  • employees who are engaged with the organisational values and the organisational culture
  • employees who have a good understanding of how their work contributes to organisational outcomes
  • performance reviews, reward and recognition processes are aligned to the strategic plan (and are engaging)

Awareness brings about the right change

Knowing where your organisation sits in our staff survey framework forms the foundation upon which your organisation can focus their efforts to improve. Our Alignment and Engagement Survey provides a birds-eye view of your organisation’s overall performance compared to our benchmark of around a million responses. It also delves deeper to provide a comprehensive view of different areas of your organisation.

Results from your staff survey informs your organisation of what may be acting as barriers to achieving your organisation’s goals, where those problems are and what actions can be taken.

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