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Benefits you can expect from your first employee survey

The following article gives you an insight into how you can use an employee survey to improve employee engagement, improve competitiveness and make smart decisions and changes.

Regardless of the issues your organisation faces, asking the right questions will help uncover and solve problems. Insync Surveys is all about taking your organisation from answers to action. This will bring your organisation closer to its goals. An employee survey is a useful tool for collecting information about what your employees think about your organisation. This knowledge can be used for decision making to increase your employee engagement, your organisation’s performance and ultimately profit.

Enhance communication to boost employee engagement

Conducting an employee survey is a great way to show your staff that you value their input and care about their needs. As a result, your employees will be more connected to your organisation and your reputation will be enhanced. You’ll be able to start conversations to engage your staff and talented people will want to work for you.

Use an employee survey to collect a baseline and track progress to improve competitiveness

To find out if your organisation is on the right track you need to draw a line in the sand somewhere, we call this a baseline. Your results can also be compared against Insync Surveys’ benchmark database so you can see where you’re doing well or need to improve, this gives you market-wide perspective. It’s time to move from guess work to decision making based on facts and competitive information. You’ll also be able to measure performance and hold your people accountable. Spotting growth opportunities and getting ahead of competitors in your sector is one employee survey away.

Gather useful employee survey data for smart decision making and changes

Imagine getting to the end of your employee survey to find out you’ve asked the wrong questions and blown your annual chance with staff; what a waste of time and an embarrassment. As a professional employee survey provider, Insync Surveys has highly refined employee surveys and processes to ensure the right questions are asked, through the right channels (such as online, paper or telephone) to maximise survey response rates. Your data collected will be credible, meaningful and secure. You’ll be able to identify opportunities and ensure time, money and effort is well spent. Your data will lead the way to improved relationships, increased market share, and/or greater profitability.

Different types of employee surveys:

  • Alignment and Engagement Survey – measures how aligned your employees are with your organisation’s strategy
  • Employee Opinion Survey – measures the gap between your employees’ perception of your organisation’s performance and how important it is to them
  • Employee Engagement Survey – get the most out of your workforce by measuring and improving employee engagement
  • 360 Feedback – a tailored survey to help your leaders gain self-awareness and improve their skills so they’re better managers to boost employee engagement within their team
  • Exit Interview – find out people’s reason for leaving and how you can reduce employee turnover rates, lower recruitment costs and reduce HR admin time
  • Employee Pulse Survey – a short version of an employee survey by taking a snapshot of employee views
  • Employee Focus Groups – gain further understanding into your staff survey results and use this information for action planning

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