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Fostering a consumer/patient-centric culture in health and community services

consumer/patient-centric culture in health and community services

Fostering a consumer/patient-centric culture in health and community services

Health and community services organisations have been moving to a model of consumer/patient-centric care for some time.

Much progress has been made. In partnership with its clients, Insync has measured the Net Promoter Score (NPS) for 75 services and programs over the last few years.

Encouragingly, the average NPS is +45 – with some organisations exceeding +70. These high NPS results are driven both by a positive consumer/patient experience and meaningful outcomes being achieved.

In many cases, 80% or more of consumers/patients indicate high satisfaction with their experience in areas like:

  • They listen to me
  • They treat me with dignity and respect
  • They do what they say they will do

A similar proportion are satisfied with the outcomes being achieved in areas like:

  • I feel more hopeful about my future
  • I am supported to achieve my goals
  • Overall, I am satisfied with the service I received

Naturally, some certain services and programs are receiving feedback that is much less favourable. The key issues typically involve:

  • Not achieving outcomes (e.g., taking too long to find accommodation)
  • Not feeling listened to
  • Not being able to access services in a timely manner

The role of leaders cannot be underestimated. There is plenty of evidence that shows how important leaders are for building, maintaining, and enhancing a consumer/patient-centric culture.

The checklist below highlights the things that leaders in the most successful organisations are doing. Completing this self-assessment will help you identify what you and your leadership colleagues could do differently or better to enhance your organisation’s consumer/patient culture.

Adopting a continuous improvement mindset and regularly assessing how you are fostering a consumer/patient-centric mindset throughout the organisation will help to improve the consumer/patient experience and lead to better outcomes. The goal is to create a culture where every employee is dedicated to meeting consumer/patient needs and exceeding their expectations. This, in turn, will enable you to deliver your mission, build your reputation, retain high-performing employees, and achieve your organisation’s goals.

Fostering a consumer/patient-centric culture throughout your organisation – A checklist for leaders

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