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Our specialist team partners with hundreds of healthcare organisations around Australia, to provide them with insights and actions for improving the delivery of care.

Our proprietary tools and frameworks, coupled with deep industry experience, uncover insights around staff and workforce engagement, patient experience, safety culture, and governance.

Solutions to measure and improve patient experience

Our Patient Experience solutions gather comprehensive patient feedback to understand preferences, prioritise opportunities to reduce suffering, and turn insights to action with best practices and expert support.

Foster a positive safety culture to reduce medical errors

Minimise patient harm by understanding the safety attitudes of caregivers within the contexts in which they work. The safety culture survey:

  • Measures caregivers’ perceptions and attitudes about patient safety
  • Identifies your strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides actionable information for designing interventions
  • Measures progress towards building an open and positive safety culture

Attract and retain the healthcare workforce you need

Attracting and retaining people with the skills and attitudes needed to provide safe, high quality person-centred care is critical. We help you:

  • Understand what is important to the people you want to join your organisation
  • Understand what causes valued people to leave
  • Determine what can be done to keep the right people for longer

Workforce engagement

An engaged and resilient workforce is foundational to the delivery of safe, high quality, patient-centred care. Attracting and retaining the best employees, aligning nurses and physicians to organisational priorities, and cultivating effective leadership requires a sustainable approach.

Accreditation for GP practices

Insync’s Voice of the Patient offering is a simple way to collect patient feedback for your practice accreditation with the RACGP. Our survey tool and method are applicable to RACGP’s 5th edition standards, and we guide you through the whole process.

COVID-19 solutions

We have a unique opportunity to learn from the lived experience of the people most affected by the COVID-19 crisis – patients and healthcare workers.

Our “In-Touch” healthcare worker wellbeing pulse survey empowers healthcare workers to be honest and candid about how they are feeling in the current environment.

Improve board effectiveness and governance

Healthcare providers are often large and complex organisations that are literally dealing with life or death situations. Governance and strong leadership are critical. We help you:

  • Improve the self-awareness of board members and executives
  • Understand board and executive team dynamics
  • Develop a practical program for improving board and executive team effectiveness

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We support a wide range of industries

Beyond healthcare, we provide help and support to a number of differing industries. Some of those include:

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Our dedicated healthcare practice team is passionate about helping health organisations improve patient care and operate in an effective and sustainable manner.

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