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The simple way to collect patient feedback

Leading edge frameworks and practical insights for improving your practice and service to patients.

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Patient feedback for GP accreditation

Voice of the Patient is Insync’s validated patient satisfaction survey, applicable to RACGP’S 5th edition standards. We provide all the tools you need, deliver a clear and straightforward benchmarked report and provide recommended steps for improvement.

Throughout the entire patient feedback process our expert VoP team will be available to assist you with any support you may need.

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Our patient experience survey process provides:

  • An easy to complete survey for your patients which takes under 5 minutes (one double-sided A4 page)
  • Flexible completion options based on your practice’s needs to help increase response numbers – choose hard copy and/or online via QR codes
  • Clear and easy to understand dashboard report which meets the requirements for accreditation
  • Feedback from your patients benchmarked against results from over 40,000 Australian GP patients
  • Practical insights for improving patient satisfaction
  • Access to an online interactive reporting portal to further interrogate results
  • Guaranteed 2 week turn-around time for from receipt of surveys to the delivery of your report
  • Ongoing email and telephone support from our dedicated VoP team

What’s the process?

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How can I find out more?

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If you’d like to speak to us to learn more, contact our Voice of the Patient helpline on the details below.

Phone: 1800 143 733
Email: vop@insync.com.au

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