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Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics

The manufacturing, and transport and logistics industries continue to play an integral role in supplying the country with essential goods and services during a worldwide pandemic. As many industries were forced to close indefinitely during lockdowns, manufacturing and logistics companies have been working harder than ever before to meet the increased demands placed upon them.

The need to attract, engage and retain talent is essential

The troubling reality is that most manufacturing and transport and logistics companies continue to experience challenges in recruiting, engaging, and retaining talent. This is largely in part because they are not seen as employers of choice. Employer brand needs to be proactively managed if these sectors are to attract the right employees for the future. There is a general lack of awareness of these sectors importance in new entrants to the job market. People are also unaware of the broad range of careers available in these sectors.

The issue is exacerbated by the fact that manufacturing and transport and logistics have traditionally drawn from a limited talent pool. Women in Manufacturing make up only 29.5% as an average but worryingly this number has only increased by 4% since 2008 [1]. More concerningly, women make up 20.9% of the workforce in Transport, Postal and Warehousing but this number has decreased from 23.1% in 2008 [2].

Engagement and retention are also key People and Culture issues often leading to employees searching for new opportunities. This translates to the following challenges:

  • maintenance of core skills and knowledge
  • identification and development of next generation leaders
  • cost pressures mean it can be difficult for salary to be a differentiator for these sectors compared to other related industries

Employers must therefore use a full range of other tools available to boost engagement and retention.

The efficient running of manufacturing sites and a supply chain depends upon people who are involved in a variety of specialised operations. Constantly changing business and technological environments demand high levels of adaptation and innovation and with it new skill sets. Increasing complexity, cost pressures and growing expectations from customers regarding speed and quality is applying huge pressure in these sectors. The challenge remains – how to be adaptable in an environment where constant change and uncertainty have become the norm.

How can companies help their people navigate this change among increasing pressures and guard them against the disruptive and unsettling nature of change?

How Insync can help

Insync is passionate about partnering with manufacturing and transport and logistics companies to differentiate themselves, and better engage and retain talent to achieve sustainable high performance.

We have partnered with dozens of manufacturing and transport and logistics clients over many years to identify key attraction, engagement and retention initiatives that take them from baseline to desired future state.

Our approach is evidence-based, collaborative, change-oriented and strategic. We help with:

Our unique focus on all organisational stakeholders also enables us to deliver our Integrated Stakeholder Report combining elements of our staff and customer surveys.

Our surveys have been delivered across 90 countries and in 39 languages.

Organisations we've partnered with:


[1] and [2] Gender segregation in Australia’s workforce, 17 April, 2019.

We support a wide range of industries

Beyond Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics, we provide help and support to a number of differing industries. Some of those include:

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