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Our education practice has long been a supportive partner and adviser to the Australian education sector. We help:

  • Higher education: Universities, TAFEs and other adult education service providers
  • Primary and secondary years
  • Early learning: Kindergartens, Pre-schools, long day care, and before and after school care providers

Our extensive experience in the education sector covers many aspects of educational institutions, with a focus on both operational and strategic improvements. We’ve helped clients with:

We have experience in implementing employee engagement and diversity surveys for Australia and global university and TAFE providers, parent feedback surveys within early learning centres and participant feedback from short-course providers.

Our flagship Benchmark Library Client Survey and Student Administrative Satisfaction Survey have been administered over 150 times over the last 10 years.

Library Client Surveys

Survey your library clients to identify major improvement opportunities for your library with the Library Client Survey. Conducted across university libraries in Australia and with an increasing overseas presence, the survey puts current library performance in context and can help you improve the effectiveness of your library.

The Library Client Survey helps you:

•  understand your clients’ priorities

•  increase service levels and user satisfaction

•  support applications for new buildings and renovations

•  win funding for expanding and renewing collections

•  pass internal and external quality audits

The survey allows you to benchmark your library’s performance against more than 400,000 library client responses in this product’s our database.

The Library Client Survey is a standardised and simple to deliver online survey. Your project will be fully developed, hosted, administered and managed by qualified and experienced staff at Insync. Optional additions to the basic survey include:

•  Thematic analysis of free text responses, putting quantitative results into context and allowing for a deeper understanding of client needs

•  Customised and targeted questions assessing the information seeking behaviour of clients, to assist with evaluating communication and service offerings

•  Print surveys to meet the needs of different client groups

Student Administrative Satisfaction Surveys

Student administrative services form the core of students’ interactions with their education providers. The quality of these services can heavily impact the overall student experience.

Insync can help you improve the performance and effectiveness of your student administrative services, leading to improved student experiences. The Insync Student Administrative Survey measures and benchmarks student experiences with a range of standard and customisable survey questions.

Often run every second year alternating with the Student Support Survey, the Student Administrative Survey will help your education organisation:

  • understand your students’ experiences
  • increase service user satisfaction
  • identify and capitalise on areas of best practice
  • improve efficiency and productivity

The Student Administrative Survey assesses students’ experience with their institution’s: admissions and enrolments processes; the collection of university fees; the administration of examinations and results; and student centre services. Additional customised questions can be added to your survey.

The survey allows you to benchmark your university’s performance against a range of other universities in Australia that have run the survey in the last two years. Benchmark information is available across support administrative areas and for individual services.

The Student Administrative Survey is a standardised and simple to deliver online survey. Your project will be fully developed, hosted, administered and managed by qualified and experienced staff at Insync.

Thematic analysis of free text responses is available as an optional addition to the basic survey, putting quantitative results into context and allowing for a deeper understanding of student needs.

A changing environment

In an increasingly competitive and fast-changing world, meeting the educational expectations of students, parents, teachers and other staff is becoming more complex and demanding.

Insync offers a range of innovative feedback solutions and insights focused on these key stakeholders in the education cycle. Our main focus in all solutions is to highlight the improvement areas that will enhance your institutions’ effectiveness and performance via practical tools and insights.

Insync Testimonial
"Melbourne Girls Grammar School has worked with Insync on various survey projects over recent years. On each occasion the services have been professional, consistent and valuable to our organisation."

HR Manager
Melbourne Girls Grammar School

Insync Testimonial
We love that our surveys are facilitated by an external provider as it provides the participant with the assurance that the information will remain confidential and therefore can be completed honestly. Insync's products allow us to customise surveys, and benchmark results against industry standards, and their people always go above and beyond to ensure we get exactly what we want when we need it. Highly recommended - we wouldn't use anyone else!
Melissa MacMaster

General Manager Operations
Glen Education

Swinburne Professional: the power of real time customer experience feedback

Insync's custom solution addressed the challenges Swinburne faced in gathering & acting on customer feedback to improve through customer experience feedback.

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Beyond higher education & early learning, we provide help and support to a number of differing industries. Some of those include:

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