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The pandemic has added even more complexity to the rapidly changing mutual bank, superannuation, and property services sector. Mutuals, superannuation funds and property services organisations have been working harder than ever before to adapt to the challenges.

The need to attract, engage and retain talent is essential

It is imperative that mutuals, superannuation funds and property services attract, engage, and retain talent given their challenges and opportunities:

  • merger activity (for mutuals and superannuation funds)
  • growth in property services industry
  • member/consumer outcomes
  • changes in member/consumer behaviours and expectations
  • trust & social license (for mutuals and superannuation funds)
  • risk & regulation
  • Royal Commission legislative response
  • skills to manage outsourced environments (for mutuals and superannuation funds)
  • environmental drivers including sustainability

Ultimately, mutuals, superannuation funds and property services organisations must continue to identify ways to invest and transform in a cost-efficient manner, while building a resilient organisation into the future. The challenge remains – how to be adaptable in an environment where constant change and complexity have become the norm.

How can organisations help their people thrive despite increasing pressures and guard them against the disruptive and unsettling nature of change?

How Insync can help

Insync is passionate about partnering with mutuals, superannuation funds and property services companies to differentiate themselves, and better engage and retain talent to achieve sustainable high performance.

We have partnered with dozens of mutuals, superannuation funds, and property services clients over many years to identify key attraction, engagement and retention initiatives that take them from baseline to desired future state.

For instance, Insync has partnered with Defence Bank since 2018 to help them understand, measure, and improve Employee Experience and Customer Experience to underpin business performance and growth. You can read our exclusive case study here.

Insync’s recent study with the Australian HR Institute, 5 Hard Truths of Workplace Culture, is a rallying cry for leaders to role model and galvanise a much more ethical and sustainable culture in their organisations from the inside out. This will require leaders to embed a much more holistic view of sustainable high performance, recognising that the long-term interests of employees, customers, the community and shareholders are inseparable.

Our approach is evidence-based, collaborative, change-oriented and strategic. We help with:

Enhancing culture, governance and leadership

We can help improve governance and leadership effectiveness with:

Improving employee retention, alignment and engagement

Attract and retain your best people with our:

Increasing customer loyalty and advocacy

We help businesses become truly customer centric by:

Specialist assistance

Insights and action from our experienced team to help you improve your organisational capability:

Some organisations we've helped

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