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Swinburne Professional: the power of real time customer experience feedback

Swinburne Professional, a division of Swinburne University, is one of Australia’s leading professional education providers, delivering learning and development solutions that empower individual skills and organisational capability. To ensure an exceptional experience for course and workshop participants, Swinburne gathers their feedback at the end of every workshop.

Since 2017, Insync has worked closely with Swinburne to design and implement a bespoke customer experience solution that informs strategic business decisions and drives real change. Swinburne use the feedback to follow-up promptly with unhappy participants, implement small, tactical improvements each month, and also to do a deep dive diagnostic every six months to consider strategic implications.

Read more about how Insync’s custom solution addressed the challenges Swinburne faced in gathering and acting on customer feedback, and set them on a path to continuous improvement through real-time customer experience feedback.

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