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Insync aims to help organisation be more effective, our focus on improving employee engagement extends to mapping and understanding the full employee journey, it starts with:

The employee survey journey

Below is a map of the employee lifecycle. It highlights the main stages of an employee’s journey and the measurement tools that can be used to help your organisation improve employee engagement and achieve sustainable high performance.

Explanations of each employee survey stage

Entry survey

This tool measures what new employees are thinking, what attracted them to the job and how well your organisation is delivering the promised employment value proposition compared to what they have been experiencing.

Employee engagement and alignment survey

This employee survey highlights pockets of your organisation that is not as aligned or where employees are not as engaged as the rest. It enables your organisation to focus on action plans to work towards becoming a sustainable high performing organisation.

360 feedback

This 360 degree development tool is designed to help staff gain a better awareness of themselves from multiple perspectives such as their: manager, peers and direct reports. It identifies strengths and areas for development.

Exit interview

Exit interviews examine why employees are leaving, including which areas can be improved for decreased employee turnover while reducing recruitment time and costs.

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