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Meeting patient needs with telehealth – insights and early trends


As healthcare adapts during the coronavirus pandemic, telehealth usage has surged to meet patients’ evolving needs, according to new research by our healthcare insights partner Press Ganey.

Analysis of over 3.5 million patient surveys indicates that telehealth services if delivered with an understanding of the unique elements of virtual care, can achieve comparable patient experience ratings to in-person visits.

Other key findings include:

  • Top drivers for recommending the care provider in a virtual visit are similar to those of in-person visits and are within the care provider’s control, including demonstrating empathy, involving patients in decision-making, and communicating effectively.
  • Patients’ likelihood of recommending the video visit is driven more strongly by process considerations, such as care coordination around the virtual visit and technology issues.
  • Top challenges for telehealth visits include technology and process measures that impact the doctor-patient connection and impede consistent and reliable communication.
  • Younger patients appear to be more critical of care provider measures than do older patients, while the opposite trend has emerged with process items, where younger patients rate technology items more highly than do older patients, potentially reflecting a higher level of comfort.

Read the full Telehealth white paper here or by downloading it below.

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