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Our fit-for-purpose, real-time In-Touch employee wellbeing survey measures the ongoing impact of COVID19 on your organisation and its people.

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In-Touch employee wellbeing survey

The impacts of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are simply unprecedented. Organisations in Australia and across the world are facing huge uncertainty, significant losses and far reaching effects on their people. And just how long these effects will continue to be seen and felt is, unfortunately, a great unknown.

Changing the way we work has become the new normal…many of us are working from home. As leaders, this begs the question, do we really know how our teams are coping with the COVID-19 context? Working from home means we miss those little cues to tell us a person is anxious or stressed about recent events.

With this in mind, Insync’s team of psychologists developed our “In-Touch” employee pulse survey to do just that. The survey is hosted by Insync and empowers your employees to be honest and candid about how they are feeling in the current environment.

In-Touch allows leaders to:

  • gain insights into the lived experience of their teams
  • monitor this experience as the situations evolves via regular pulses
  • respond in real time to issues and concerns raised

In-Touch measures what’s really important right now









Our expertly developed questions cover issues around wellbeing, connectedness, trust, job satisfaction, perceived organisational support, teamwork, resilience, clarity and manager support. Some example items include:

  • I am optimistic about what the future holds at work
  • The person I report to genuinely cares about my wellbeing
  • I bounce back quickly after setbacks

It only takes a few minutes to complete online, making it a simple and effective way to track real-time employee sentiment.

Latest In-Touch insights

An even stricter lockdown #2 is now in full swing in Victoria and so is the realisation that COVID-19 will be part of our lives for a long while yet.

Our first analysis of the In-Touch survey revealed how employees were coping and what they needed from leaders to feel supported and connected.

We’ve examined the latest In-Touch data taken in the last two months which has seen significant drops in employee agreement scores across every area of the survey – with the biggest decrease in the employee wellbeing items.

Get the full story about our latest In-Touch insights here.

4 ways leaders can reach out

How In-Touch is helping this state government agency connected to their people

Insync Testimonial
Its been a great process from the start. I’ve loved Insync’s practical hands-on approach; being able to talk through problem solving and taking the time to really understand what our needs are. I do think that managers would be thinking ‘what do my staff need from me’ without the survey results. Teams are having valuable and meaningful conversations now – In-Touch has been a conversation starter. In-Touch gives us evidence of what is working and not working and what is driving it and we have been able to then tailor resources and support specifically to the needs.
Bianca Baddock

Culture Program Lead
Knox City Council

Insync Testimonial
The In-Touch tool is easy to use and navigate. It shows data in real-time which has been helpful especially with reading and analysing the hundreds of free-text comments, saving us time after the survey has closed. We’ve been running monthly pulse surveys so using our time as efficiently as we can has been important to be able to understand and communicate results, and formulate actions before the next survey commences. The Roadmaps feature has been a helpful starting point in creating actions that can address areas for improvement for our people.

State government agency

Let us help you support your people

Now more than ever, employee wellbeing, connectedness and resilience is being tested.

Talk to our expert Employee Experience team today about how our In-Touch tool can help you to understand, measure and support your employees.

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