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In-Touch Employee Wellbeing Survey

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact people and organisations in many ways, despite our cautious optimism as we plan for the future.

We’ve changed the way we work. For many organisations, remote and hybrid working is already in place and employees are learning to adjust to living and working with COVID.

Our experience tells us that most organisations want to get back to business in a safe and confident way. They want to give their leaders and management real-time, benchmarked data to make informed decisions, respond quickly to employees’ needs and act on employee feedback around vaccination status, on-site safety, remote working and wellbeing.

With this in mind, Insync’s team of psychologists developed our “In-Touch” employee pulse survey to do just that. The secure and confidential survey is hosted by Insync and empowers your employees to be honest and candid about how they are feeling in the current environment.

Now with benchmarking against our extensive database, the In-Touch tool provides even greater insight and context for leaders looking to improve and support employee wellbeing.

In-Touch allows leaders to:

  • gain insights into the lived experience of their teams
  • understand how their results compare to other Australian organisations via benchmarked data
  • understand employee vaccination status or assess any concerns
  • make informed workforce planning decisions
  • comply with health information principles for each Australian state and territory
  • respond in real time to issues and concerns raised

In-Touch measures what’s really important right now

correctednesswellbeingtrustjob satisfactionorganisational support





teamworkreslience role clarity manager supportcommunication





Our expertly developed questions cover issues around wellbeing, connectedness, trust, job satisfaction, perceived organisational support, teamwork, resilience, clarity and manager support. Some example items include:

  • I am optimistic about what the future holds at work
  • The person I report to genuinely cares about my wellbeing
  • I bounce back quickly after setbacks

It only takes a few minutes to complete online, making it a simple and effective way to track real-time employee sentiment.

And because we deploy and host the survey, respondent confidentiality is ensured, which in turn boosts participation and promotes candid and honest feedback.

How benchmarked data helps you make informed decisions for improvement

While gathering data and insights with an employee survey will tell you what you’re doing well and what you need to improve, it can be hard to make the right decisions without context and comparisons.

Our In-Touch pulse survey is now benchmarked, which means you can see your results compared to the rest of our In-Touch database of responses. Results are presented with additional “traffic light” shading which shows where your results sit in our database, for example in the top decile (10%) or bottom quartile (25%) or in the 2nd and 3rd quartiles (middle 50%).

Here’s an example of the In-Touch dashboard, showing a fictional organisation’s results in four areas of the In-Touch survey. If we look at the “Teamwork” factor, this scores 61% percentage favourable (respondents who rated the items in this factor a 6 or 7 on a 7-point scale). At first glance, 61% seems okay, maybe with some room for improvement.

However when you look at the individual benchmarked items underneath, the first item is performing really well against the rest of the benchmark in the top quartile for June 21, and the other items are scoring in the bottom decile of the benchmark.

With this additional and specific context, it’s easy for leaders to see exactly where improvements should be made and what should be prioritised.

in-touch employee wellbeing survey infographic

How In-Touch is helping these organisations respond to their employees’ changing needs

Insync Testimonial
Its been a great process from the start. I’ve loved Insync’s practical hands-on approach; being able to talk through problem solving and taking the time to really understand what our needs are. I do think that managers would be thinking ‘what do my staff need from me’ without the survey results. Teams are having valuable and meaningful conversations now – In-Touch has been a conversation starter. In-Touch gives us evidence of what is working and not working and what is driving it and we have been able to then tailor resources and support specifically to the needs.
Bianca Baddock

Culture Program Lead
Knox City Council

Insync Testimonial
The In-Touch tool is easy to use and navigate. It shows data in real-time which has been helpful especially with reading and analysing the hundreds of free-text comments, saving us time after the survey has closed. We’ve been running monthly pulse surveys so using our time as efficiently as we can has been important to be able to understand and communicate results, and formulate actions before the next survey commences. The Roadmaps feature has been a helpful starting point in creating actions that can address areas for improvement for our people.

State government agency

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